Student of the Month Honorees

Congratulations to the February Student of the Month Recipients!
Hamilton High School:
“I show up. I show up for blood drives, food drives, setups, and practice. I show up ready to contribute. It is my job to keep up and not give up.” ---Ali Moorman
Hemet High School:
“Thank you to my parents who have shaped me. They have taught me to work hard and to be determined.”
---Elijah Bratcher
Tahquitz High School:
“Education is my best friend. I like to make my mom proud, work hard, and have fun even when there are struggles.”---Vanessa Lopez
Western Center Academy:
“I am grateful for this honor. I have control of how I can live each day. I know how far I can get. I can overcome challenges, and be successful.”---Angela Juarez
West Valley High School:
“I try to stay focused on my goals. I live by this theme, hard work never guarantees success however without it, it is impossible.”---Jose Valencia
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