Faculty Focus Friday Employee for Elementary Schools

YeVonne Ramirez was selected as the Faculty Focus Friday employee for elementary schools for her admirable work ethic and commitment to students. YeVonne is a SAI TK-3 teacher at Fruitvale Elementary School and an invaluable member to the Fruitvale Family. She serves as the SST Coordinator and is a member of the PBIS Tier II and III Teams. She works tirelessly to complete all assessments, IEP goals and services and still manages to go out of her way to assist staff and students in many capacities. She was extremely supportive with the preparation of a newly opened classroom and once jumped in as our Crossing Guard when the school was short-handed.  Fruitvale staff said they are very blessed that YeVonne is a member of their Fruitvale family. She is devoted and dedicated to the education of the students she serves. Thank you for all that you do YeVonne!
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