Healthy Valley Foundation Donates to Tahquitz

Hemet Unified School District is proud to have community partners that care for the well-being of our youth. Partnerships with health organizations, local businesses, and various non-profits allow our students to access resources they may not be able to otherwise. One of these valued partnerships is with the Healthy Valley Foundation.  

Recently the Tahquitz High School Athletic Director, Mike Sims, noticed some of the workout equipment students used needed to be replaced and updated. Tahquitz has 20 different athletic teams, many of whom have won championships in the past few years. The need for updated equipment was a necessity for the athletic teams to prepare for their various competitions. Mr. Sims applied for a donation for Healthy Valley Foundation and received over $25,000 to upgrade the school’s workout equipment.  

Thank you to the Healthy Valley Foundation for donating funds that will serve our current and future students well!

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