Cawston Elementary's Great Kindness Challenge

*written by student intern, Madison Di Palermo

Spreading kindness must be contagious because the wonderful students at Cawston Elementary have done an amazing job of spreading kindness on their campus. The Cawston principal, Mrs. Romeril, used to be a counselor and the mental health and well-being of her students is very important and is very “near and dear” to her heart. Cawston Elementary values the culture and climate of the campus, encouraging students to feel connected to their school and discourage bullying. What better way to feel connected to your peers and campus than to be kind!  

Students filled out papers with their acts of kindness and staff collected the papers to make flowers. There were a breathtaking 5,667 acts of kindness in one week! On the first day of the week, the staff created a tunnel and welcomed students and their families onto campus. Staff members were receiving hugs and high fives as well as a crowd full of smiles. On Friday of kindness week, which was also Cawston’s Friday Flag assembly, students were asked to wear yellow and let’s just say that the crowd was glowing! Parents, students, and staff showed up in yellow filling the crowd with positive energy.  

Mrs. Romeril hopes that students and their families see Cawston as a safe place and continue to spread kindness. Overall, these activities honoring National Kindness Week were a success and the students at Cawston Elementary set the example of what it means to be kind.

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