HUSD Staff Spotlight for the LifeWorks Program

We are proud to nominate Rachel Garrison for this week's HUSD Staff Spotlight. Rachel has been the face and front person for LifeWorks for the past two and a half years. She cares deeply about the students and staff on campus and makes us all a priority.  Rachel is kind and compassionate with students, parents, and staff when there are issues or questions that need to be addressed. She makes sure to greet each student and parent as they enter the school in the morning and when they go home each evening.


Rachel truly enjoys our students and often goes above and beyond her job title to ensure staff and students have what they need to succeed.  She takes each day as it comes and easily adapts to any new situation.  She literally does whatever is needed on any given day to make sure that the students and staff at LifeWorks are safe and have the necessary tools to achieve their goals of lifelong independence.


We cannot thank her enough for going above and beyond with her support in making our program successful. Thank you Rachel!