HUSD Maintenance Teams Go the Extra Mile with Clean-Up Efforts After Storms Hit Area

M&O staff worked, at times, past their shifts shoveling snow, walking sites for debris or down limbs, documenting roof leaks, clearing parking lots and paths to all accessible areas within the school sites. Additionally, they went above and beyond to prepare classrooms to welcome students after a few of the storms caused school closures.

These employees’ dedication and selflessness depicts the mission of the Maintenance and Operations Department and their goal to make sure students have a safe, friendly, and inviting campus, allowing students and staff to focus on learning.

On behalf of the entire HUSD community, we extend a heartfelt thank you! The teams are highlighted below.


Anthony Diaz 

Leonel Herrera

Cameron Hruska

Erick Inda

Jose Ladera

Roberto Navarro

Mike Perez

David Rodriguez

Jesus Rodriguez

Martin Ruiz

Zachary Wheeler



Ross Bertram

Alex Contreras

Tom Firth

Mike Kawecki

Matt King

Eduardo Mendivil

Shane McCall

Abraham Ochoa

Frank Parra 

Enrique Penaloze

Victor Rogers

Brandon Wallace



Adrian Campos 

Salvador Campos Jr

Salvador Campos Sr

Diana Cardena

Adam Gow

Christian Jungnickel

David Major 

Juan Meza 

Wesley O'Donnell

Myra Reyes

Allesandra Rios

Julio Rivera

Johnny Slevcove

Manny Santanilla 

Teo Torres


Site Personnel (12 employees)  Reported to assigned site to ensure sites were ready

Brandon Cooper - Hemet High

David Escoto - Jacob Wiens

Scott Genton - Acacia

William Goldstein - Bautista Creek

David Major - Idyllwild

Sean O'Brien - Hemet High

Hector Rosales - Dartmouth

Johnny Slevcove - Hamilton El

Salvador Campos Jr - Hamilton High

Salvador Campos Sr. - Hamilton High

Mike Vandereb - Cottonwood

Vicente Reyes Vasquez - Valle Vista