Academy of Innovation Hosts STEAM Days Every Wednesday to Help Students Master STEAM Principles

Students at AOI study and perform a variety of different hands-on activities to master STEAM principles. Recently, students took part in an implosion activity using soda cans. When a container with air goes from a state of being heated to then being rapidly cooled, the container implodes/compresses in on itself as the air rapidly escapes the container.


Under the guidance of multiple teachers and staff, students took part in this activity utilizing soda cans, hot plates, and a small container of water. At a future date, students hope to attempt this exercise on a larger scale with something closer to the size of a trash can.


Students at the Academy of Innovation perform fun and practical activities to learn about real world practices in different innovative work place settings. Detailed video guides and online resources also help to relay the experience for hybrid learning and online students.


STEAM aims to inspire inquiry and curiosity that promote creativity and exploration. Kudos to these students for their dedication and to staff for creating unique experiences that will help students be successful innovators in a 21st century workforce.