HUSD Staff Spotlight for High Schools

Shaun epitomizes what it means to be a professional in every sense of the word. Having worked for HUSD for almost 20 years (15 of those at West Valley High School), Shaun truly bleeds maroon and gray. As a staff member, she has always been “all in” and when her two boys attended WVHS, she also filled the role of a WVHS parent.


She has held several positions as WVHS including attendance clerk, registrar, and for the last decade, she has served as our office manager. Shaun truly cares about people and always comes to work with a positive attitude and does everything in her power to help the staff, students, and families of West Valley. She participates and helps organize staff events to help promote a positive and engaging culture on campus. She truly goes above and beyond to help people and makes sure WVHS is a fun and happy place to work.


Shaun takes pride in her work and in all that she is tasked to do. She is an inspirational leader who is compassionate, caring, and empathetic. She leads by example, exhibiting a work ethic like no other. And she does all this while creating and nurturing relationships that will last beyond her career.


Shaun is an incredible employee and a true example of what it means to be a mustang and exemplary HUSD employee. And that is why she deserves this recognition!


Thank you Shaun for your contributions to making West Valley High School a wonderful place for students and staff!