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Week of the Young Child

Preschool students throughout Hemet Unified participated in the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) Week of the Young Child April 24th-28th. Each day was dedicated to a new learning experience. 

Music Monday showed the importance of being active and having fun. Research shows that music allows a child’s brain to develop necessary math, language, and literacy skills. Teachers were encouraged to play the song, “One Love,” by Aaron Nigel Smith. Students practiced how to clap, drum, and stomp to the beat while counting.

Taco Tuesday was a food-themed day to share the importance of healthy eating and fitness. Cooking combines math, literacy, and science. Instead of cooking, students created tacos using creative materials. 

Work Together Wednesday showed students the importance of teamwork. When students work together, they develop their social and early literacy skills and discover different concepts. On Wednesday, students were placed in groups and asked to build certain things. Teachers used this opportunity to point out variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

On Artsy Thursday students were able to create a variety of art projects. Research shows arts and crafts help children develop fine motor skills and express their creativity. It allows them to expand their way of thinking, make choices, and create something with their hands. 

Family Friday was a dedication to the student’s family. Parents were invited to the Family Health Fair. Over 400 families attended this wonderful event. Children under the age of five received a teddy bear, made hats with their teacher, and visited the petting zoo. Families were also able take advantage of a wide range of free services community vendors were offering.  Family members are a child’s main support, and Friday was an opportunity for staff to thank and encourage them.

Thank you to the Preschool administration and the teachers that participated in the 2016 Week of the Young Child!

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