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Hemet Unified School District

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Annual Organizational Meeting

Hemet Unified’s Governing Board held its Annual Organizational Meeting before the last Board Meeting of 2016. During the Organizational Meeting the audience was introduced to the District’s new Board Members, Vice President and President. Three of the seven seats on the Governing Board were up for general election this year. The Board welcomed the re-election of Patrick Searl and introduced the two new Board Members Gene Hikel and Stacey Bailey. 

Gene Hikel is a retired math teacher from San Diego. He said his goal is to focus on providing education to prepare students for the 21st century. He mentioned that he will be thorough in his decisions when voting, and “look through a lens of student learning and achievement.” Hikel’s main focus, above anything else, is students. 

The Board also welcomed retired Hemet Unified teacher, Stacey Bailey. Bailey said she is excited to serve on the Board. “I have been a teacher, student, and parent; it will be interesting to see things from this side of things.” Bailey recently ended her 30+ year teaching career at West Valley as the Performing Arts and Dance teacher. 

The new Governing Board unanimously voted Vic Scavarda to serve as Board President. Mr. Scavarda was the Vice President last year. He has served on the Board for three years and this is the first time he has served as Board President. “I look forward to the District moving in a positive direction. We have started the school year of with good programs and I am excited to see what positive effects that has on the district.” 

Governing Board Members unanimously voted Joe Wojcik as the Board’s Vice President for 2017. Mr. Wojcik has served on the Governing Board for 10 years, one of those years as the President, and this will be his second time as the Vice President. Wojcik said he is happy to have Mr. Searl back and introduce two newcomers to the Board. “The best advice I can give the new Board Members is to ask questions.” He said they will be introduced to a variety of new material and the most important thing they can do is ask as many questions so they understand what they are voting for.

In addition to the new appointments, Board Members committed to serving on various committees throughout the district and authorized specified employees to serve as Authorized Agents.

The District would like to welcome Gene Hikel and Stacey Bailey as its newest Governing Board Members and offer congratulations to President Vic Scavarda and Vice President Joe Wojcik.

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