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Two Acacia Families Adopted for the Holidays

Hemet Unified School District staff knows what a wonderful community we serve. Time and time again we are shown the dedication and passion this community has for its students and their families. Just before the holidays, two families from Acacia Middle School were adopted by a construction company to give them a Christmas they will never forget!


Balfour Beatty Construction Company is no stranger to Acacia Middle School. It has renovated the school’s office building, gym, and classrooms. In November, Balfour Beatty’s staff asked if they could adopt two families for Christmas. Staff collaborated and were able to choose two families that were in need this holiday season.


One of the families chosen was a grandmother raising her five grandchildren. The grandmother has been struggling and was unsure what she was going to do with the holidays quickly approaching. The second family was a mother and father of four who were in the same situation and were trying to figure out a way to make ends meet. Balfour Beatty Construction Company bought all the gifts that the kids had written on their wish list and blessed the parents with $100 for each of the families.


On December 15, the day before winter break, the family was greeted by Balfour Beatty staff. The families wore smiles from ear-to-ear as each of the kids received their gift. Acacia staff, Balfour Beatty staff, and the families celebrated the joyous occasion showing their gratitude with smiles and happy tears.


Acacia Middle School staff was overjoyed at the generosity the construction company gave to these two families. With the financial struggle these families have gone through, they knew they were well deserving of this help. Thank you Balfour Beatty Construction for making Christmas special for these families, and showing us, yet again, the wonderful people and companies we have throughout our community!

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