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Good Apple Award

Dennis has been invaluable to our success at ASPIRE since our inception and I know that his value to our other school sites is just as tremendous. Ensuring that due process is consistently followed, his intimate knowledge of SPED, his huge heart for students in a tough position, and his stalwart protection of students at all school sites to include ensuring that ASPIRE's climate is one that is conducive to our mission are just a few of the outstanding qualities Dennis brings to the table day in and day out. He has frequently come out of his own pocket to provide my students uniforms when we lack their size (and they lack the means) and bus passes when our internal means breakdown; and he never wants anyone to know. I know that these actions extend beyond ASPIRE as well, as quite frequently at leadership I hear from my colleagues what a tremendous help Dennis has been in solving issues at their sites. Dennis is always available and is truly an indispensable resource.

Dennis has the uncanny ability to connect with students and parents even under less than ideal circumstances. He has an amazing skill to deliver news in a dignified way to truly show his goal of helping students be successful. He has been a champion of ASPIRE and the students. His greatest success truly comes from watching a student make changes in their life to turn toward the positive. Dennis makes an impact that a tremendous ripple effect in the community.
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