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AVID Shadow Day

The jump from eighth grade to a freshman in high school can be daunting. Middle school students may be used to transferring to different classes throughout the day, but on a much smaller campus. Students may feel intimidated when entering a new campus with double the number of students than they are used to. Acacia Middle School, Dartmouth Middle School, and Hemet High School staff are working to alleviate some of those fears.


On Friday, February 10th, AVID students from Acacia and Dartmouth shadowed an AVID student from Hemet High School. As the middle school students were dropped off in front of the Hemet High School campus, they were warmly greeted by Hemet High’s AVID students carrying signs with middle school student’s names. Students from Acacia and Dartmouth found which high school students was holding a sign with their name on it and followed them onto the high school campus.


Each high school student had two to three middle school students who were shadowing them. Students were given tours of the campus, followed their AVID student to each of their classes, and asked questions about how middle school differs from high school. Middle school students were told about various electives, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment classes Hemet High offered as well as clubs and athletic opportunities.


Dartmouth Principal Jennifer Martin said, “This experience is invaluable for our current AVID students as they prepare for high school and their continuation in AVID courses.” She also mentioned that the event helped reduce the anxiety of transitioning to high school for Dartmouth students. 


Thank you Acacia, Dartmouth, and Hemet High staff for creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere for incoming freshmen. Thanks to your support, students will be better prepared for high school in the fall.

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