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Faculty Focus Friday for Middle Schools

Debbie Pease was selected as the Faculty Focus Friday employee for middle schools. Mrs. Pease is an English Language Development (ELD) teacher at Dartmouth Middle School. She is dedicated to developing the English language in many of our English Learner students, working closely with these students to improve their academics and to support their social needs. Mrs. Pease has assisted in reclassifying 24% of our English Learners to English Proficient so far this year. This reclassification allows these students to select a new elective course and opens their ability to meet A-G college requirements when they get to high school. Mrs. Pease also leads Dartmouth's English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC), connecting parents of English Learners with the school to improve student services. Additionally, she assists with the school yearbook and supports our athletes by cheering them on at competitions. Thank you Mrs. Pease for truly caring about the students and continuing to build meaningful connections to motivate them to succeed!
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