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Dartmouth Becomes National AVID Demonstration School

Dartmouth Middle School has joined West Valley High School and Rancho Viejo Middle School in becoming a National Demonstration School by Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID). AVID is a nonprofit organization that provides staff with strategies to ensure students are college and career ready when they graduate high school. Dartmouth’s Demonstration status will be held for three years, the longest amount of time AVID representatives allot.

Dartmouth Middle School joins approximately 150 other AVID National Demonstration Schools. AVID is implemented in over 5,600 schools in 44 states, the District of Columbia and 16 other countries/territories and impacts almost 1.3 million students. 

Staff have been working tirelessly to ensure Dartmouth was awarded a Demonstration status. The idea to apply for this prestigious honor came from former Principal Eric Dahlstrom. He knew with the help of Natasha Dobbins, lead AVID teacher, they would be able to reach this goal. Dobbins became the lead AVID teacher six years ago and has been working tirelessly ever since to ensure the success of the program. 

“When I came to Dartmouth three years ago, one of the first things Natasha said to me was, ‘Are you ready for this? We plan on being a demo school in a couple of years,’” said Chad Snyder, Athletic Director and 6th grade AVID teacher. “Without her leadership, there is no way we would get this incredible distinction for our school. The behind the scenes work and hours that she put in to make this a reality is too many to comprehend.” 

After the site visit, AVID representatives informed Dr. Jennifer Martin, Dartmouth Principal, Natasha Dobbins, and Chad Snyder that they would be named a National Demonstration School for three years. During the review, the AVID representatives said how impressed they were with the school-wide implementation of the AVID strategies. “I can’t say enough about your culture. I can’t even describe it. There’s just a respect that students have for each other, it’s incredible.”

Staff invited the AVID students into the multipurpose room to reveal the AVID banner. Students clapped, cheered, and joined in the celebration with staff. These students were able to witness first-hand what can happen when you dedicate yourself to a goal and put in the hard work necessary to complete it. 

“Becoming a National AVID Demonstration School exemplifies the dedicated efforts of the Dartmouth staff over the past six or more years,” said Dr. Jennifer Martin. “This school-wide recognition is evidence of the significant work happening at our school and the type of institutions that place kids first, ensuring each student realizes that college is not a dream, but a reality.”

Congratulations to all the staff and students that helped make Dartmouth Middle School a National AVID Demonstration School!

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