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Room 30 Proud!


A fifth grade class at Ramona Elementary has ended their elementary career as scholars. They will enter into middle school with a brand new mindset knowing that they are valued, important, capable, and smart. This mindset and support is to be commended after the journey Room 30 has undergone this school year. 

In October, the students in Room 30 welcomed their third teacher of the school year, Mrs. LeVine. Student’s spirits were low by the time Mrs. LeVine came; students were acting out, performing low academically, and lacked stability inside the classroom. On their first day together, Mrs. LeVine spoke about Stephen Curry, a point guard for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA), because his jersey number was number 30, just like their room number. “I told my class they were destined for excellence because we are Room 30, just like Steph Curry.” 

Throughout the school year, students learned all about Steph Curry. Students read biographies, articles, and interviews about Curry. They focused on his determination, work ethic, and perseverance and applied these characteristics to the classroom. Each day Mrs. LeVine asked for an improvement or more effort from her students than the day before. She focused on changing the students’ mindset to a more positive approach by encouraging effort and accountability from her students. Each day they worked towards a goal and reminded each other that they were destined for excellence because they were Room 30. 

Due to the students’ newfound determination, referrals became almost nonexistent, students were staying out of trouble, and testing scores began to increase. In addition, Room 30 became the first fifth grade class in 20 years to have 25 out of 30 students receive an Accelerated Reader (AR) award. The class spoke in the beginning of the school year of working to become the class with the most students to receive an AR award.  Students were not rewarded with a prize or candy to complete this goal, they were encouraged to help get each other there as a team. “They wanted it and the best part is they were happy and applauded each other when a student reached their goal,” said LeVine. 

In an effort to change student mindset, Mrs. LeVine referred to all of the students in her classroom as scholars. Students learned what it meant to work hard and how to be accountable; they supported each other throughout the school year and worked together as a team. Room 30 Proud has now become their mantra and a focus of encouragement for all of the students that reside inside. 

Mrs. LeVine wrote to the Golden State Warriors to tell them how Room 30 has gained confidence, insight, determination, and love due to their inspiration from Curry. She said, “They learned that they can do all things through hard work and education.” The organization sent her 30 items with the Golden State Warriors logo as an acknowledgement of their achievements this year. The organization included five autographed photos of Stephen Curry, which were given to five students who wrote a heartfelt essay with the theme “You Can Do All Things through Hard Work, Enthusiasm, and an Education.” 

One of the essay winners, Malachi Aguilar, wrote in his essay that the students in Room 30 are where they belonged. He wrote of the encouragement he received from Mrs. LeVine and that she always tells the class, “You are scholars!” He also wrote, “She makes us feel important in Room 30!”

Joel Reyes, another essay winner, wrote about the determination the students in Room 30 have. He wrote about Stephen Curry receiving the MVP award two times and how hard he worked to get to that point. He mentioned that Room 30 now carries that work ethic to achieve their goals. He mentioned the support the class has received from Mrs. LeVine and said, “She is really smart, kind, and respectful to everyone in the class, that is why we are Room 30 Proud.” 

Congratulations to Ian Keeble, Malachi Aguilar, Joel Reyes, Domingo Alcaraz, and Juan Rojas for your signed photographs, to Room 30 on all of your achievements this school year, and to Mrs. LeVine for creating a classroom full of scholars!


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