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Technology FAQ for distance learning

As we all prepare for Online Learning, we in IT have made a number of changes to assist and prepare our students, families, and staff for this new environment. This is a lengthy email packed with information, but our hope is it will answer some of your questions and provide information on changes we have made in an effort to make this transition easier. There will likely be additional communications sent from the IT Helpdesk as we continue to make adjustments.

All Grades (TK-12)



Parent/Guardian Resources

We have created the following website: www.hemetusd.org/parenthelp to assist our families. It includes details around Chromebooks and logging in, but will soon have additional information to assist our families. 

GoGuardian at Home

GoGuardian now works outside of the district network. This allows teachers to manage and monitor student devices whether they are in the classroom or at a distant location. The only requirement is the teacher and student have a reliable internet connection.

GoGuardian Classrooms

Classrooms (Rosters) are now automatically synced to GoGuardian each night. No longer do you need to import your classes.

Password Reset Tool

The HUSD Student Accounts Tool now works from outside the district network. This allows teachers to reset a student password when working remotely.

“Guest” Login Removed from Chromebooks

For GoGuardian and other tools to work correctly the “Guest” login option has been removed from Chromebooks. 

Guest access is still available for select devices by request.

Teacher Laptops

We are distributing laptops to classroom teachers as quickly as we can. The IT Helpdesk is emailing each site when the laptops become available and ready for pickup. Here are Lenovo Thinkpad X390 tutorial videos we have created.

Elementary Grades (TK-5)



Elementary Student Chromebook Logins 

Students now have 2 ways to log into a Chromebooks. They can still login with the traditional way of username and password. However, we have enabled Google Chromebooks to have the option of logging in using a Clever Badge (QR Code) rather than a username and password for grades Preschool to 5th. This is an attempt to assist our younger students who struggle with remembering their login information. IT has already printed these badges and they will be distributed to students during registration.

Teachers have the ability to reacquire the badge QR code from Clever but we ask that teachers please refrain from voiding a badge unless they have first confirmed with the parent that the old badge was lost.

Student Email for Grades 2-12

Gmail for students in grades 2-12 have been enabled. Previously emails were only available for grades 6+.

Students in grades 2-5 can only exchange email between district accounts, not external addresses.

Frequently asked questions we have received:

Can I access my F:, P:, and T: Drives from home?

No, you will need to come on site to access the HUSD network to access these files. It is our recommendation to copy whatever files and information you need off of these network drives into your Google Drive. Google Drive will work wherever you have internet access.

Is Google Meet required?

Yes, Google Meet is the district approved virtual meeting platform. Zoom is one that many have shown interest in, but in our testing and seeing it in real time Chromebooks do not function well with Zoom.

What about Breakout Rooms in Google Meets?

Google Meets will soon have Breakout Rooms, but this functionality is not yet included. However, there are a number of methods where you can utilize the Breakout Room approach with a little preparation. Here is a video tutorial that shows what is possible.

Does Incognito Mode on Chromebooks bypass GoGuardian?

Incognito Mode is disabled on district Chromebooks. If a student uses a personal device, then this restriction is not applied and GoGuardian may not work.

Can a student use a personal device?

It is strongly recommended to encourage students to use a district provided Chromebook as  a non-district device will not have the same classroom management features or restrictions. It is also more difficult to support a student’s technical needs if the device is not a district Chromebook.

Why don’t my students, rosters, or classes show up in X program?

Most programs are linked to rosters, and rosters come from Aeries. Until your school finalizes their Master Schedule in Aeries the rosters are not locked and do not import into many of our systems such as Clever, Imagine Learning, Compass, etc… We did set a district-wide date of August 11th for all Master Schedules to be completed and rolled, so at the latest rosters should show up on August 12th in the majority of our systems.

What if a Student doesn’t have Internet Access?

We have a number of approaches to tackle this problem. Our first approach is to have the parent/guardian contact the library and checkout a district provided mobile Hotspot. These devices are filtered and limited to only work with HUSD Chromebooks. The hotspots are on order and we expect them to arrive soon, teachers will need to provide alternative options for students until internet connectivity is available. If a hotspot does not work, please have the family contact the school library for additional options.

What if a student loses their Clever Badge or QR Code?

Here is the process through Clever to retrieve the student’s QR code. See: “How do I re-print or create a new Badge for my students”  Printing Clever Badges.

What if a student needs tech support?

We have created the following page to assist parents with basic questions: www.hemetusd.org/parenthelp. Please have the student or family contact the Parent Resource Center at [email protected] or call (951) 765-0005 if additional support is needed. The Parent Resource Center will be trained for basic troubleshooting to support the family with basic technical challenges and support. If the Hotline is not able to assist, they will contact the IT Helpdesk for technical support.

What is Google Voice, and can I use it?

Google Voice allows a user to make and receive phone calls through a computer or Chromebook. It provides the user a new phone number they can use in lieu of a cell phone or home phone number. The district’s Google account does not have a license or agreement with Google Voice, thus it is not a supported platform. If a teacher wants to use Google Voice it would be at their own discretion and would need to be set up on a personal Google account, understanding the district is unable to provide any support or assistance with this tool.

If I’m working from home can I take my classroom equipment home?

The only equipment that should leave the classroom is mobile technology. Teacher assigned laptops or Chromebooks are considered mobile and may leave the Classroom. All other equipment needs site admin approval to leave the designated classroom.

How do I install software on my laptop?

IT has preloaded many common softwares teacher’s regularly access, but in the event your software is not preinstalled you can call or email the IT Helpdesk. We are then able to remote into your computer and assist with the install process.

Can IT help me set up my classroom?

Yes, but we ask that you do your best to set this up yourself as our resources are limited during this busy time. If assistance is needed please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Thank you from the HUSD Information Technology Team.



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