Parent Center

The Hemet Unified School District is scheduled to open a District Parent Resource Center for the 2017-18 school year. The tentative location of the District Parent Resource Center is 26866 San Jacinto Street, Hemet, phone number 765-0004.

The District Parent Resource Center would provide resources for parents, including, but not limited to: English classes (ESL), Spanish classes (SSL), various community resources, computer classes, parenting classes, college information, high school graduation requirements, health education, citizenship classes, and other classes as requested by parents. Childcare will be provided for all parent classes.


In order to ensure the Parent Resource Center is successful and aligns with the needs of our parents, we are asking for your input. Please take the following survey to help us gather information on what resources and classes would best fit your and your family's needs. 


If your child attends a school within the valley please take the Valley Schools - Parent Resource Center Survey or the español - Valley Schools - Parent Resource Center Survey.


If your child attends Cottonwood K-8 School, Winchester Elementary School, Idyllwild K-8 School, Hamilton K-8 School, or Hamilton High School, please take the Outlying Schools - Parent Resource Center Survey or the español - Outlying Schools - Parent Resource Center Survey