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The Governing Board has approved a boundary change that will affect Acacia Middle and Rancho Viejo Middle Schools for the 2020/21 school year.  A 2020/21 School Locator will be available shortly.  Until then please refer to the Middle School Boundary Change page or contact the Facilities Department for more information.
Search hint: The 'Street Number' is optional. To find 100 N. Main Street, enter 100 in the 'Street Number' box and 'Main' in the 'Street Name' box. DO NOT include any prefix or suffix to your street name.
2019-20 School Locator


The Street Directory was created using ESRI's ArcInfo® and Davis Demographics & Planning's SchoolSite GIS (geographic information system) software. Hemet Unified School District maintains the data and makes every effort possible to ensure the data's accuracy. If any inconsistencies are found, please contact the Facilities department.

Facilities Contact:

Jesse Bridwell, Facilities Planner (951)765-5100, x 5465.