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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

As the Hemet Unified School District enters the twenty-first century, it is the Governing Board's responsibility to ensure each child's education to the fullest of his or her potential by fulfilling four objectives:

  • Vision: Establishing the vision for education in the District.
  • Structure: Establishing the structure and environment to implement the vision.
  • Accountability: Setting academic performance standards and providing services to assist those not experiencing success.
  • Advocacy: Speaking out strongly for the public schools and their students.
The Superintendent, Staff and a Steering Committee with broad representation of key stakeholder groups developed a "Strategic Plan" for the district that is aligned with the state's Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). Through this process the Superintendent has developed a new Purpose Statement, Vision, Beliefs, Areas of Focus and six Strategies that align with the state's eight priorities for improving student success and academic achievement. These strategies along with the action plans that will be developed will be the basis used to develop the required LCAP for 2014-15 and beyond.


  • Academic Excellence
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability
  • A Safe Learning Environment
  • Improved Employer-Employee Relations
  • Provide Adequate Facilities to House Students and Serve as Centers for Community Activities and Services
  • Enhanced Marketing of the Schools and District


  • The Board's basic decision making frame is "what is best for students".
  • Board members will debate issues with vigor, disagree when appropriate, but remain respectful of other board members and staff during the process.
  • Each board member's viewpoint is valuable to the group and will be heard and respected.
  • Each board member is responsible for expressing his/her viewpoint in an open and honest manner during the meetings and prior to a decision on any issue.
  • Each board member commits to review materials prior to meetings and to fully prepare for each board meeting.
  • Once the Board votes on an issue and a decision is reached, all board members will abide by the Board's decision.
  • Board members will work with and through the Superintendent and staff to address concerns within the district.
  • Board members will respect the administrative sphere of activity led by the Superintendent and the Superintendent and staff will respect the Board's sphere of activity in policy making and fiscal oversight.