California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI)

California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) works to ensure all 6th-12th grade students in California have access to a systematic baseline of guidance and support as they plan, prepare, and pay for college.


Students will begin by creating their individual profiles on This website is a one-stop shop for students to find relevant information for each step in their college planning process. Students will be able to store portfolio documents such as letters of recommendation, resumes, and commendations or awards. Students are able to share their portfolios with educators, advisers, or parents. CCGI will be administered several times per school year. If you have any questions regarding CCGI, please call the District Office at (951) 765-5100 ext. 3101.


If you would like to opt out of CCGI please fill out the following form and return it to your student’s school counselor.