Certificated Benefits


Certificated employees with a contract of 40% or more are eligible to receive HUSD benefits.
If you are eligible to enroll you may elect one of the following packets beginning in the 2019-2020 plan year:
Full-time Employees may elect:
Medical, Dental, Vision and Life
Dental, Vision, Life
Waive ALL
Part-time employees may elect:
Medical, Dental, Vision and Life
Medical and Life
Waive ALL

Enrollment Instructions:

ALL enrollments, waives, terms and changes for CERTIFICATED benefits are done online through the online portal Benefitfocus




website access:  Benefitfocus

Cost Sheets:


Health Plans:  


Anthem Blue Shield:             

    Express Scripts Information:

Dental Plans:


Vision Plans:


Life Insurance:

All eligible district employees who take major medical shall be afforded $50,000 in Life/AD&D insurance coverage.
In addition to this benefit employees may purchase additional Life/AD&D coverage for self, spouse and children.

Reliance Standard

Group Basic Life and AD&D
-Employee Coverage

Reliance Standard

Voluntary Life and AD&D
-Employee Coverage
-Spouse Coverage
-Child(ren) Coverage

Additional Benefits

Wellness Program:                   

Health Advocate is available to employees enrolled on Anthem or Kaiser

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Notifications: