Classified Benefits


Classified employees working 10 hours or more per week if enrolled prior to 7/1/06 OR classified employees working 20 hours or more per week are eligible to receive HUSD benefits.

If you are eligible to enroll you may elect one of the following packets:
Medical, Dental, Vision and Life
Medical and Life
Dental and Vision
Waive ALL

BenefitBridge Instructions:

All enrollments and changes are done online through BenefitBridge
         BenefitBridge Login

Cost Sheets:


Health Plans:


Kaiser Permanente:                               

Plan Information:  Please note that there are changes to the Kaiser Low plan, which now has a coinsurance contribution.

Anthem Blue Cross:                         

Anthem EAP Program Summaries:

Dental Plans:


Vision Plans:


Life Insurance:

All eligible district employees who take major medical shall be afforded $50,000 in Life/AD&D insurance coverage.
In addition to this benefit employees may purchase additional Life/AD&D coverage for self, spouse and children.


New this year! Retirees eligible to participate in the District's Retiree Insurance program now have the option of having a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

Additional Benefits

Wellness Program:                     

REEP ID Theft Protector

Colonial Life Hospital Indemnity Plan

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Notifications:

The REEP Spousal Advantage MERP is now REEP CompleteCare

What is CompleteCare?

CompleteCare reimburses eligible employees and their dependents for eligible healthcare and premium expenses incurred under qualifying alternate group health coverage.


CompleteCare Benefits

  • Co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance reimbursed by CompleteCare up to $7,900/single and $15,800/family per year.
  • No premium contribution deducted from employee’s paycheck.
  • Employees will be reimbursed for the premium contribution paid for the alternate coverage if it exceeds the premium contribution that they would have paid to remain on the REEP medical plan up to a monthly maximum of $100/single, $200/2-party and $300/family. If cost of alternate coverage is less than they would have paid for the REEP medical plan, premium contribution reimbursement is $0.

IRS Rules

  • Employees may be enrolled in an HRA or FSA, but CANNOT be reimbursed from both CompleteCare and their HRA or FSA.
  • Employees are NOT eligible for CompleteCare if their alternate coverage is:
    • a high deductible health plan (HDHP) with active contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA).
    • Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare (Retiree only) or an Individual Policy.
    • A Limited Benefit Health Plan.

Have Questions? Let's Talk.

Jason Riley, JPA Manager
951-715-0190 ext. 1001


CompleteCare Change form is to be used only for those participating in the CompleteCare Program for the following:

  • Name Change
  • Address Change
  • Spouse’s Insurance Cost Change
  • Change in Spouse’s Employer
  • Adding/Removing Dependents, and
  • Terminating CompleteCare
All other scenarios for name and address should be made with Payroll, in person.