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Eureka Math FAQ

I will update this FAQ as more questions come. 
Q1)  Will the Problem Set and Homework Set come as two separate books for 2018/19?
A1) Yes! We have separated out the Problem Set from the Homework Set and will supply those as two separate books. The exception is for TK-1st grade who will receive the Homework Set unbound and grouped in class sets. 2nd through 5th grade will receive a Problem Set book and a Homework Set bound book. 
Q2) Teacher Editions are hard to work with as bound books, what can we do?
A2) We can cut the binding in the IPC(Print Shop) and rebind with spiral binding so the books can lay flat for the Elmo. In the Fall you can also order a new spiral bound TE from the IPC, this is a site cost. 
Q3) The font is too small, what can be done?
A3) The files we are printing are copyrighted by their creator. We can only reproduce for our organization, we cannot edit the pages more than adding correct page numbers, which was done for next year. 
Please email Andy McGuire 
with questions or comments. Thank you!