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Translation and Interpretation Services

To schedule an interpreter or request the translation of documents, please email a completed request form to  at least 10 business days prior to the date of the meeting, turnaround for translated documents will depend on the document's length and complexity as well as our team's current work-load. If you have any questions please refer to the procedures below. Refer to the sidebar to see when our interpreters are not available. 


Steps to Request an Interpreter:

  • Download the request form
  • Indicate the type of service you need
  • Send the completed request form to 
  • Please include the following information in the subject line to expedite your request: the meeting date, event type, who the service is for, the time, and location 
    • ex: 11-10-15 Speech Assessment Darth Vader  8-9:15am @ WVHS
    • ex: 11-10-15 IEP Luke Skywalker 1-2pm @ DVMS
    • ex: 11-10-15 Counseling Meeting A. Skywalker 11:50am-12:20pm @ THS
    • ex: 11-10-15 ELAC Meeting 5-6:30pm @ Whittier
Please note that interpreters are only available for a maximum of 2 hours per meeting and only for the time scheduled 

Steps to Request Translation of Written Documents:

  • Download the request form
  • Indicate the tentative date the documents are needed and the number of pages
  • Send the completed request form and the editable document (No PDFs) to 
  • Please include the following information in the subject line to expedite your request: tentative date translated documents are needed, the document type, and the site requesting the translated documents 
    • ex: 10-30-15 Parent Meeting Minutes (Ramona)
    • ex: 10-30-15 Posada Flyer (Ed Services)
    • ex: 10-30-15 Parent Letter (CWA)
**translation requests for IEP documents must be sent directly to HUSD Special Education Department for processing**

Steps to Translate a Parent Link: 

  • Download the request form
  • Provide the Parent Link # and the message that needs to be translated 
  • Send completed request form to and the assigned translator will record the Spanish portion only

Cancellations and Immediate Assistance:

Please email or call 951-765-5100 ext 3302  to notify us of any cancellations. 

Request form and Additional Procedures:

Services Unavailable:

  • 7/20
  • 7/25-7/26
  • 8/3: 1-4:30 pm
  • 8/10: 9 am-12 pm
  • 9/25-9/28: P-T Conf. 
  • 9/29
rev 7/11/17

Tips for using an Interpreter:

  • Refrain from having multiple people talk at once
  • Do not expect the interpreter to perform functions beyond interpreting (ex: administer/grade tests) 
  • Avoid specialized language unless absolutely necessary
  • Humor does not translate well
  • Speak clearly and at an even pace
  • Remain engaged when the interpreter is translating