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Translation and Interpretation Services

To schedule an interpreter or request the translation of documents, please click here or complete the embedded form below.

Things to note: 

  • Meeting requests require at least 10 business days (district dark days are not business days)  notice prior to the date of the meeting
  • Interpreters are only available for a maximum of 2 hours per meeting and only for the time scheduled
  • Recommended time requested for IEPs is 2 hours
  • Translation of IEP documents must be sent directly to HUSD Special Education Department for Processing
  • Completion time for the translation of written documents will depend on the document's length and complexity as well as the team's current workload
  • PDFs are not uploadable files 
  • Refer to the sidebar to see when our services aren't available

Cancellations and Immediate Assistance:

Please email [email protected] or call 951-765-5100 ext 3380  to notify us of any cancellations. 

Tips for using an Interpreter:

  • Refrain from having multiple people talk at once
  • Do not expect the interpreter to perform functions beyond interpreting (ex: administer/grade tests) 
  • Avoid specialized language unless absolutely necessary
  • Humor does not translate well
  • Speak clearly and at an even pace
  • Remain engaged when the interpreter is translating