Faculty Focus Friday Employee for Elementary Schools

Congratulations to Amanda Niaves, Cottonwood's School Counselor, for being named Faculty Focus Friday employee for elementary schools. She has already made an immensely positive impact schoolwide. Students have shared how she has equipped them with strategies to successfully resolve issues among their peers. Parents have consistently mentioned how she has positively influenced their children and family in so many ways. Teachers have leaned on her to support students socially, emotionally, and academically. Amanda has gone out of her way to meet with students struggling academically to help them get organized and create a plan of action to improve their grades. She has been the real driving force behind the site’s College/Career Kickoff, Kindness month, monthly Schoolwide Friday Flag Ceremonies and Celebrations, PLUS Team, and the list goes on...  We are proud to acknowledge Amanda as our Faculty Focus and an AWESOME member of the Cottonwood Cougar Family!
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