HDLA Celebrates 5th Grade Pathways to Biliteracy Attainment Award Honorees

Hemet Dual Language Academy proudly announces the successful completion of its inaugural cohort for the Pathways to Biliteracy Attainment Award. On May 31, an awards assembly was held to honor the exceptional achievements of the 16 talented fifth-grade students who demonstrated outstanding proficiency in both English and Spanish.These remarkable HDLA students were presented with certificates bearing the seal from the State of California, as well as a trophy, to commemorate their exceptional accomplishments.


The Pathways to Biliteracy Attainment Award is a prestigious recognition program that recognizes Pre-K -8th grade students who have demonstrated progress toward proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in one or more languages in addition to English. The Biliteracy Attainment Award is aligned with the California State Seal of Biliteracy requirements. The State Seal of Biliteracy Program recognizes high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in languages other than English and is marked by a gold seal on their diploma or transcript.  


To earn the Pathways to Biliteracy Attainment Award, students underwent a rigorous evaluation process. They were required to either pass a nationally normed test in both English and Spanish or demonstrate proficiency through a combination of test scores and the completion of a comprehensive portfolio. The portfolio showcased their ability to communicate effectively and express themselves confidently in both languages.


Dr. Kristi Watson, Principal of HDLA and Dr. Janice Jones, Director of Multilingual Programs & State/Federal Accountability, had the privilege of presenting the students with their well-deserved accolades. The ceremony celebrated not only their linguistic achievements but also their dedication and perseverance in embracing bilingualism.


As members of the inaugural cohort, these 16 students will continue on their biliteracy journey through the middle school program next school year. Equipped with their biliteracy skills, they are poised to excel academically and meet the requirements of the Seal of Biliteracy by the end of their high school career. 


Dr. Jones shared, "We are immensely proud of our 5th Grade Pathways to Biliteracy Attainment Award Honorees. They have demonstrated exceptional dedication and determination in mastering both English and Spanish, a remarkable achievement at such a young age. We are confident that their bilingual abilities will serve as a solid foundation for their future academic and personal success. 


HDLA Principal, Dr. Kristi Watson stated, “It gives me so much joy to see our scholars grow in their academic achievements!  Beginning in our Dual Language kindergarten 6 years ago, I have witnessed them develop from shy little five year old’s to confident well spoken young people!  I could not be more proud!”


District-wide, HUSD had over 600 students participate in the program and 76 students received the award. Congratulations to all the participants! Their commitment to biliteracy is an inspiration to their peers and serves as a testament to the importance of fostering multilingualism in our educational system. A special congratulations to the Biliteracy Attainment Award recipients on this well-deserved recognition!