Collision Into School Bus

Dear HUSD Families,


Today, a bus carrying 56 middle school students returning from a field trip was involved in a traffic collision at the intersection of Cawston and Florida. The bus driver was acting within the law. Students were checked and all were cleared by EMT on site. No students were transported to the hospital.


First responders and District personnel were called to help secure the scene and support students and staff. Parents were contacted and those who were able, picked up their students at the scene. The remaining students were safely transferred to an awaiting bus and were returned to school. 


We extend our appreciation to the bus driver for faithfully adhering to all protocols and going above and beyond in ensuring each student was not injured and remained safe until first responders arrived. We would also like to extend a heartfelt appreciation to all the first responders who efficiently secured the scene, facilitated the reunion of students with their families, and guided the remaining students to the awaiting bus. Your dedication and swift actions are deeply valued.


While accidents can occur, every safety precaution is taken to help mitigate them from happening. The safety of our students and staff will always be our highest priority.


Thank you,

Hemet Unified