Ethnic Studies

Dear HUSD Families,

As shared in previous communication, Assembly Bill 101 (Ethnic Studies as a graduation requirement) was signed into law in October 2021. The bill amended Education Codes 51225.3 and 51226.7. The purpose of this communication is to continue to share our plans for our Ethnic Studies implementation and request your feedback as we are developing the Ethnic Studies courses for Hemet Unified School District.

Assembly Bill 101 stated:

  • Starting in the 2025-26 school year, districts, including charter schools, must offer students in grades 9-12 a course in Ethnic Studies.
  • Starting with students in grades 9-12, who are graduating in 2029-30, students must complete a course in Ethnic Studies in order to graduate from high school.

A student in HUSD may fulfill the Ethnic Studies graduation requirement through any of the following courses:

  • An A-G Ethnic Studies year-long stand alone course 
  • An A-G Ethnic Studies content embedded into 10th grade English Language Arts course 
  • An A-G Ethnic Studies content embedded into 11th grade United States History course

These courses will give the Class of 2030 students various options for completing the new graduation requirement. 

Hemet Unified School District (HUSD) has continued its journey to create three new locally developed Ethnic Studies courses by bringing together a dedicated group of high school teachers from each of our high schools. We plan on completing these courses by May 2024. During the 2024-25 school year, the three courses will be piloted at all of our high schools. Please complete this questionnaire with sincerity and forethought as you review the course content being developed.  You can find this information on our Ethnic Studies website


Dr. Nereyda Gonzalez 

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services  

Ethnic Studies Parent Square Message Fall 2023