First Annual Native American Learning and Craft Day

On Tuesday, April 2, the First Annual Native American Learning and Craft special event came together at Hamilton High School thanks to the hard work of the HUSD Title VI Parent Committee. 

Representatives from the native american area tribes, community health organizations, and college representatives set up over 20 interactive booths for children and families to enjoy. At these booths, HUSD students and families were able to take part in beading, gourd-making, local medicinal plants, and interacting with the Cahuilla Fire Department. 

Participants were able to learn more about native american tribal culture and history through storytelling and activities such as Cahuilla language learning through charades and reading resources. Additionally, the crowd enjoyed a powerful live performance from Birdsingers, sharing stories through songs and dances passed down through the generations of Cahuilla. 

Breakfast and lunch were served for all attendees and students were able to win prizes for visiting the various booths. Thank you to all who made this event a wonderful success!