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Hemet Unified School District

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Hemet Elementary School


If you have driven on Acacia Avenue recently, you might have noticed the progress of Hemet Elementary School. The historic school will re-open at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year. 

Hemet Elementary was built in 1927 and served students for over 80 years. Hemet Unified School District staff closed the school in 2008 due to structural issues. Students were relocated to a temporary site at Dartmouth Middle School and eventually transferred to Little Lake, Ramona, Jacob Wiens, or Whittier once the school was closed. 

Construction of Hemet Elementary School has continued throughout the summer. As of July, four buildings are in the framing stage, the foundations for all of the buildings were laid, the driveways are complete, plumbing for the storm drain is complete, three-quarters of the underground electrical are complete, and the firewater is complete. Mr. Twardowski is planning for the school to be completed by May of 2017. 

The Hemet Elementary site has special construction features that were added to help students, families, and staff. The district is estimating that 650-750 students will attend Hemet Elementary when it opens. A playfield was built on Santa Fe in an effort to ease traffic, two additional parking lots were created for staff members, and an underground storm drain was built to help with flooding.

Staff members are looking forward to the re-opening of the new school site. We want to thank all of the companies and staff who were a part of this project!


Thank you to Balfour Beatty for the aerial photos.

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