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CTE Pathways

The mission of Career Technical Education in Hemet Unified School District is to assist schools in providing students with high quality career oriented technical training, the skills necessary for a successful transition to post-secondary education or the workforce, and a desire for learning that will serve them throughout their lives as productive citizens.
 2018 - 2019 Career Technical Education (CTE) Advisory Committee Meetings Dates
Career Technical Education (CTE) Advisory Committee Meeting for 2018-2019 school year are held in the Hemet Unified School District Board Room located at 1791 W. Acacia Avenue, Hemet. 
The meetings start at 5:30 p.m., however we invite you to come at 5:00 p.m. to enjoy a light dinner and visit with our committee members.
  • Wednesday, September 5, 2018
  • Wednesday, November 7, 2018
  • Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Industry Sectors and Corresponding Pathways

Courses Are Offered at the Following High Schools

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UC/CSU Approved A-G Categories

Colleges Offering Articulation Industry Certification
Industry:  Agriculture & Natural Resources
   Pathway:  Agriculture Mechanics and                        Technology Hemet (HHS),                      West Valley(WVHS) College-Preparatory (g) Mt. San Antonio College  
   Pathway:  Agriscience HemetWest Valley Laboratory Science (d)    
   Pathway:  Animal Science Hamilton, HemetWest Valley Laboratory Science (d) Mt. San Antonio College (WVHS) Veterinary Medical Application
   Pathway:  Ornamental Horticulture Hamilton, HemetWest Valley Laboratory Science (f) (WVHS)                        Visual & Performing Arts (f) (HHS) Mt. San Antonio College (WVHS)
Future Farmers’ of America (FFA),
Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE)
 Pathway:  Plant and Soil Science West Valley Laboratory Science (d) Mt. San Antonio College   
Industry:  Arts, Media, and Entertainment    
   Pathway:  Design, Visual and
                     Media Arts
   Pathway:  Performing Arts Tahquitz, West ValleyHemet Visual Performing Arts (f)    

   Pathway:  Production and

                     Managerial Arts

Visual Performing Arts (f) Mt. San Jacinto College  

   Pathway:  Tech Theater

Industry:  Building and Construction Trades

   Pathway:  Residential and 

                     Commercial  Construction

Tahquitz College-Preparatory (g)  Mt. San Jacinto College  
Industry:  Child Development
   Pathway:  Child Development Hemet College-Preparatory (g)    
Industry:  Education, Child Development and Family Services

   Pathway:  Family and Human Services

Tahquitz Language Other than English (e)    
Industry:  Engineering and Architecture
   Pathway:  Engineering Design -                                         Aerospace College-Preparatory (g)    
   Pathway:  Engineering Design - Civil College-Preparatory (g)  Mt. San Jacinto College  
   Pathway:  Engineering Design -                                        Civil Engineering and                                        Architecture College-Preparatory (g)    
   Pathway:  Engineering Design -                                        Computer Integrated                                          Manufacturing College-Preparatory (g)    
   Pathway:  Engineering Design -                                        Digital Electronics College-Preparatory (g) Mt. San Jacinto College  
   Pathway:  Engineering Design -                                        Engineering Design and                                    Development Tahquitz, West Valley College-Preparatory (g)    
   Pathway:  Engineering Design -                                         Environment Sustainability Hemet College-Preparatory (g)    
Industry:  Fashion and Interior Design
   Pathway:  Fashion Design and
West Valley Visual Performing Arts (f)    
Industry:  Health Science and Medical Technology
   Pathway:  Patient Care
College-Preparatory (g)    
Industry:  Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
   Pathway:  Food Service and
Hemet, West Valley College-Preparatory (g)  
State Food Handler's Certification
State/County Food Handlers ServSafe Certification
Industry:  Information and Communication Technology
   Pathway:  Software and Systems                                       Development
West Valley   Visual Performing Arts (f)  Mt. San Jacinto College  
  Pathway:  Information and Support                                  Services
Hamilton, Tahquitz, West Valley      
Industry:  Marketing, Sales  and Service
   Pathway:  Marketing      
   Pathway:  Marketing, Sales, and                                       Service  College-Preparatory (g)  Mt. San Jacinto College  
   Pathway:  Professional Sales  Tahquitz   College-Preparatory (g)  Mt. San Jacinto College  
Industry:  Public Safety
   Pathway:  Administration of Justice
Alessandro, Hemet      
   Pathway: Emergency Response
   Pathway: Healthcare Administrative                                Services
Industry:  Transportation     
   Pathway: Systems Diagnostics,
                    Service and Repair 
Hemet   Mt. San Jacinto College 

Student ASE Certification,

NATEF Accreditation,

AYES Accreditation

Information updated on 9/14/2017
 Frequently asked questions:
Why should students take Career Technical Education (CTE) courses?

CTE courses are sequenced to create pathways for students in a course of study which can lead to  employment and/or post-secondary education opportunities.


How are CTE classes taught?

CTE classes are conducted in classrooms equipped to industry standards, or in some cases, actual business and industry locations.


Can a student get credit for taking CTE classes?

CTE offers many UC a-g approved courses.  Some are articulated with the local community colleges and offer students the opportunity for post-secondary credit.


What is an articulated course?

An Articulated Course is one in which the high school teacher and the college faculty have “formally agreed” that the high school course outline, syllabus, textbook, midterm, and/or final exam are comparable to those in a course of the same major at college and that the final exam score will be used as a credit-by-exam for the comparable college course.


Will I get a job?

Your CTE course will include employment job search skill. Many courses offer internships and on-the-job training with local businesses.



CTE Course Sequencing


Students must complete a full pathway in order to receive pathway credit.  Pathways consist of introductory, concentrator, and capstone courses.  Pathways with three courses must complete all three courses.


Introductory Course -  A CTE beginning level introductory course that contains introductory concepts required to build foundational and general knowledge.


Concentrator Course - A CTE course beyond the introductory level that is intended to provide more in-depth instruction and exploration of a specific industry sector.


Capstone Course - The final course in a planned sequence of courses that provides a rigorous and intensive culmination of a course study.