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Hemet Unified School District

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Child Welfare and Attendance: 

Student Discipline

  • Suspensions & Expulsions
  • Administrative Hearing Panels
  • School Resource Officers

Student Attendance

  • Individual/Group District Attorney Mediations
  • Attendance Improvement Initiatives
  • Collaboration with Cal-Works
  • Truancy Prevention
  • School Attendance Review Board
  • Truancy/Intervention Sweeps
Student and Parent Support
Truancy/ Intervention Sweeps
On November 23rd and 24th, a multi-agency juvenile sweep was conducted in the Hemet-San Jacinto Valley. The aim of the sweep was to contact at-risk juveniles within the valley, provide interventions, reduce school truancy, and reduce juvenile crime. Hemet Unified School District School Resource Officers, comprised of sworn Hemet Police Department Officers and Riverside County Sheriff Department Deputies who are assigned to all middle & high schools in the area, executed the multi-agency sweep along with the Hemet and San Jacinto Riverside Juvenile Youth Accountability Team. The sweep was the result of meetings with all the above mentioned agencies who work with at-risk juveniles in the valley on a daily basis.

During the two day sweep over the Thanksgiving Recess, eight School Resource Officers, a Deputy District Attorney, and two Riverside Juvenile Probation Officers conducted 63 home visits. The visits were specially aimed to meet the different needs of the juveniles and families in the valley. Some home visits included interventions to provide parents & juveniles with resources. For example, HUSD is hosting a series of classes called the Parent Project which assists parents with tools and skills in parenting. The task force referred several parents with at-risk juveniles to the Parent Project with hopes they will attend. HUSD Child Welfare and Attendance provided a list of habitually truant students who were also visited by the teams. The parents of the habitually truant students were advised of compulsory education laws.
Officers cited eight parents for warrants. The warrants were for failure to comply with the HUSD School Attendance Review Board (S.A.R.B.) process. The SARB process seeks to work with habitually truant students and their parents to improve school attendance; keeping them off the streets and in school. Students and parents are afforded many avenues to improve and succeed. Those who willfully violate the terms and refuse to comply with educational statutes are subject to these warrants for mandatory Court appearance and intervention.
School Resource Officers
Officer Dylan Werts
Hemet Police Dept.
Acacia Middle School
Diamond Valley Middle school
Deputy Justin King
Riverside Sheriff Dept.
ASPIRE Community Day School
Deputy Roger Loza
Riverside Sheriff Dept.
Cottonwood School
Dartmouth Middle School
Idyllwild School
Deputy Jeremy Parsons
Riverside Sheriff Dept.
Hamilton Middle School
Hamilton High School
Deputy Jon Etheridge
Riverside Sheriff Dept.
Hemet High School
Officer Nicolas Schroeder
Hemet Police Dept.
Rancho Viejo Middle School
Santa Fe Education Center
Officer John Dombrowski
Hemet Police Dept.
Tahquitz High School
Officer Tim McGinnis
Hemet Police Dept.
West Valley High School