Trustee Area Maps

In order to ensure compliance with the California Voting Rights Act, the District has established trustee areas within the District, as provided in Education Code section 5019, for trustee areas to be established for the November 2022 election.


Trustee Area Timeline: 

May 2021

Board Meeting:  Approval of resolution initiating transition

September 14, 2021

Board Meeting: First Pre-Map Public Hearing

October 19, 2021

Board Meeting: Second Pre-Map Public Hearing

November 9, 2021

Board Meeting: Review of Trustee Area Scenarios

December 14, 2021

Board Meeting:

First Public Hearing of the Trust Area Scenarios

January 18, 2022

Board Meeting:

Second Public Hearing of the Trust Area Scenarios

Board Selection of Trustee Area Map

Scenario 3 was selected

Board approved a Change in Election Method

April 5, 2022

County Committee on School District Organization held a Public Hearing and approved the change in Election Method and Trustee Area Map

November 8, 2022

First election held utilizing Trustee Areas