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Non-Permitted Items

October 28, 2022
Dear HUSD Families,
We are sending this message to all families as a reminder of our policies regarding non-permitted items. We want all of our students to be safe and feel comfortable on campus. As such, it is important to know that weapons or any items that can be perceived as weapons, including but not limited to replica weapons, toy guns/water guns, BB-guns, ninja stars, knives, swords, etc. are not permitted on campus. 
Please note that bringing items like this on campus can result in dangerous situations that constitute real threats to students and staff. As such, the consequences can be quite serious. In these situations, law enforcement is contacted, a home search may be conducted, and students will be subject to disciplinary action by the school. 
Together, we can help ensure that our schools remain safe spaces for all. Please be encouraged to discuss this message with your child and ensure any of the above-mentioned items are safely stored away. Thank you for your continued help and cooperation. 
Thank you,
Hemet Unified