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District Boundaries

Hemet Unified School District has 26 schools. School attendance is based on the attendance area your student lives in. You may view maps illustrating HUSD's district boundaries.
You may now use the School Locator to find out which school is your student's home school of attendance. You may also contact Facilities at 765-5100, x5480.
To find out about bus information, please visit the Transportation page or contact Transportation at 765-5100, x5880. You may check the bus stop locator query to find available bus stops for your student. Please note: the appropriate school of attendance based on your address should be confirmed with Facilities or with the School Locator.
For further information regarding bus routes, passes and fees, contact the Transportation department at 765-5100, x5880.
For further information regarding school boundaries, contact the Facilities department at 765-5100, x5480.