Oh, The Places You'll Go!

In 1998 the National Education Association launched Read Across America as a year-round program to celebrate reading. March is considered Read Across America Month. To round it out, Read Across America Day was declared on March 2nd each year, Dr. Seuss' birthday. Dr. Suess is well known for some of our favorite children's books but did you know that he also made significant contributions to the United States Army? It turns out he took a break from writing children's books to illustrate political cartoons and joined the film department in the United States Army! After this slight life detour, he returned to writing children's books selling over 600 million copies to this day. What an accomplishment!


Welcome to the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Department and Warehouse are committed to supporting the goals and values of the District by:

  • Providing the highest level of professional service to our customers.
  • Obtaining goods and services in the most cost-effective and fiscally responsible manner possible.
  • Keeping the District compliant with all purchasing laws, guidelines, and established policies.
  • Encouraging competition among vendors through competitive bidding and fair negotiation.
  • Maintaining a professional relationship with all vendors.
  • Being ethical in all procurement functions.
  • Continually educating our customers on procurement practices and laws.
  • Being receptive to new ideas and concepts.
  • Providing continuous training to our customers.
  • Listening to our customers and their concerns.