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Leave & Attendance FAQ's



Q:  Where am I required to report my absences?
A:  Certificated and Classified employees are required to enter their absences into Aesop.   Additionally, absences for Family Sick Leave (FSL - classified only), Personal Necessity, Discretionary, and Bereavement require an entry in PowerSchool.
Q: Where can I find my vacation and sick leave balances?
A: Your most recent paystub has your vacation and sick leave balances listed through the end of the previous month.  (Ex: your August 31st paystub has your leave balances through July 31st).  If you need a more current balance, please contact Employee Leave & Attendance for assistance.
Q: When am I supposed to work?  When does my work calendar start/end?
A: Please view your Employee Work Calendar listed on the Work Calendars page.  There you will find work calendars for various positions with the district. 
Q:  What are Dark Days?
A:  Dark days are days the district shuts down for energy savings during recess periods. 
Q:  What are A/V Days?
A:  A/V days are days added to an employee's work calendar to allow him/her to use vacation during non-student days.  A/V days are AWOP/Vacation Days.  Employees that have A/V days included in their work calendars are only permitted to use vacation, comp, or take AWOP (leave without pay) on A/V days.  A/V days are only included in the Classified School Session work calendar during district recess periods.
Q:  What is the difference between a Dark Day and an A/V Day?
A:  Employees are only permitted to use vacation, comp, or AWOP for A/V days. Employees are permitted to use other types of leave on Dark Days, although vacation should be scheduled first.
Q: I am scheduled for Jury Duty.  What do I do when I appear?
A:  It depends on the type of district employee you are. Regular District employees continue to receive their regular pay while performing jury service.  When you appear for jury service, you should disclose that you are a school district employee. Regular district employees are not eligible for the $15 per day juror fee.  You are eligible to receive any mileage paid for your jury service, though. Please bring supporting documentation from your jury service appearance to your Office Manager/Dept. Secretary to attach to the Attendance Timesheet.
Substitute/Hourly employees are not compensated by the district for appearing at jury service. Substitute/hourly employees are eligible for the $15 per day jury fee and mileage.
Q: I have a surgery scheduled and will miss more than 5 days of work.  Who do I notify?
A: Communication is key. You should send the original doctor's note to Payroll/Employee Attendance.  You should also notify your school site/department regarding your absence.  If you have questions regarding how your leave(s) will be utilized, please contact Employee Attendance.  If you will be out longer than your original doctor's note, please submit your new doctor's note as soon as you receive it.  Additionally, a doctor's note releasing you back to work with no restrictions will be required before you are allowed to return to work.
Q:  I have questions.  Who do I contact for assistance?
A:  Please reference our Payroll Contacts page.
Q:  Where can I find answers to my questions regarding Paid Sick Leave for non-bargaining unit employees (subs, etc.)?
A:  Please click here for more information.
Q:  When are Attendance Timesheets due to Payroll?
A:  Please refer to the 2020-21 Payroll Schedule for due dates.
Q:  Where can I find the Attendance Timesheets?
A:  Attendance Timesheets are located on the district P: Drive under:
               P:\District Office Public\Employee Attendance\2020-21 Attendance Templates