Health Services

About Us

HUSD currently employs 8 credentialed school nurses, referred to as District Nurses, who oversee health services at our school sites. District Nurses are Registered Nurses with a Masters or Bachelors degree and specialized training for the school environment. 


The Health Services staff at HUSD are here to advocate for health. We believe healthy children learn better and we can often assist with accessing health care.


In addition to the District Nurses, HUSD is fortunate to have a Health Technician, trained in first aid and CPR, at nearly every school site. The primary role of the Health Technician is to provide basic first aid for unexpected injuries, to assist with medications when it is determined they must be given at school; and to maintain health records on all children attending school at their site. Health Technicians are able to reach the District Nurses as needed.


District Nurses often participate in school meetings and may meet with parents and students at school or by phone to discuss health concerns. Anyone can refer a student for health concerns.


Vision and Hearing Screenings

State law requires District Nurses to provide yearly vision and hearing screenings for grades Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 2nd, 5th and 8th. In addition, first-grade boys are screened for color vision. 


Parents will be notified if problems are suspected so they may seek further medical care. Parents or school staff may also request the screening of any student by contacting the Health Technician.


Parents can approve or deny for Vision Screenings on your annual authorization in your Parent Portal Aeries Accounts. 



TIPS for a Healthier School Year

Relay important health information on your child's emergency card every year.
Speak with a District Nurse, Health Technician and teacher(s) regarding serious health issues. 
Include a working phone number for you and working alternate numbers in case of urgency or emergency, and update the school office as needed.
By law, the school cannot administer any medication, including over the counter medication, or treatment without parent permission and a physician's order. We can assist your with this process, please ask.