The Ground Department provides a variety of services to ensure that all Hemet USD facilities are clean, safe, and pleasant learning environments for students, staff, and community enjoyment. The services provided include snow removal, lawn care, irrigation installation and maintenance, horticulture practices, improved water usage practices, sports turf care, event assistance, equipment maintenance, pest control, mowing, shrubs and planters servicing, leaf and brush removal, retention basin service, and landscaping design.


Mow all turf areas: Cool season grasses to be mowed at a height of 11/2 to 2 inches (Sports Fields).  Warm season grasses to be mowed at a height of 3/4 to 1 inch.  This includes front, quads & play fields.  Edge all turf areas along hardscapes (Patios, sidewalks & curbs).
String trim around all trees, posts & along hardscapes not accessible to an edger.  Inspect all landscapes areas for safety (sand/woodchip boxes, play fields).  Clean all planter areas at the entrances to the school. Remove debris, leaves & weeds.  Check the entire irrigation system and repair as necessary.  Inspect all catch basins, drainage ditches.


Check for gopher & ground squirrel activity. Report all activity to the IPM Manager.  Inspect turf, trees & shrubs for nutrient deficiencies and irrigation problems. 


Spray non-selective herbicide along fence lines, tree rings, skinned areas of baseball diamonds, tracks, planter areas & slope areas.  Inspect for broad or narrow leaf weed infestation. Control as needed.  Perform preventative maintenance on power equipment.



Bi-monthly, fertilize fronts, quads & varsity sports fields.  Semi-annually, fertilize all play fields with slow release fertilizer.  All fertilization, pesticide/herbicide, and pest management applications conform to AB 2260 “The Healthy Schools Act” and follow all applicable aspects of the Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM).


Line for school sponsored athletic events.  Perform District & site initiated landscape projects & renovations.  Renovate varsity sports fields. This shall include aeration, seeding & top dress.  Assist in alteration of sites to accept relocatable classroom buildings & restore upon placement of such buildings.  Cleaning and maintaining of storm drains and retention basins due to rains and unforeseen weather conditions.   

Ground's Mowing Schedule