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Key Control and Request

Key Control and Request


Key Control

Key Control plays a vital role in the safety and security of all district personnel entering a District site. The manner in which keys and control access cards are issued and maintained impact the overall ability of the Department of School Safety to be able to reduce unauthorized access to Hemet USD sites.


The security of sites are compromised when keys are "passed on" or not returned to Key Control. Each site should have a Key Controller that keeps track of keys assigned to site personnel. Maintenance and Operations is the central department for “Key Control” located at 2085 W. Acacia. For questions or concerns please call 951 765-5100 ext. 5202.


In District Key Request   

A Work Order must be completed through SchoolDude for all Key Request. Site and Department administrators must approve key request(s) prior to submitting a work order to Maintenance and Operations.

Please ensure that the request includes the Name of the person receiving keys, school site name, key number, building location, and the quality of keys. Keys can be issued for the following:

  • New Issue
  • Replacement for lost key(s)
  • Worn/broken key

Actual cost for lost or stolen keys and keys will be back charged to the site/department.


Contractors Key Request

Contractors working on projects will be issued keys to areas in which access is required to execute agreed upon work. The procedure to obtain keys is as follows:

  • Authorization of key requests can only be given by the Director of Maintenance and Operations.
  • Authorized key usage must pick up keys from Hemet USD Maintenance and Operations Department.
  • Contractors/Vendors will not be issued more than two (2) sets of keys.
  • When picking up key(s) all contractors/vendors must sign into Maintenance and Operations.
  • All contractors/vendors must sign for authorized keys.
  • Keys will be provided exclusively by Hemet USD locksmiths.
  • When all keys have been returned by Contractors/Vendors, and the appropriate documents signed the key request will be closed.

Actual cost for lost or stolen keys and keys not returned will be back charged to the Contractor. The actual cost shall never be less than $250.00 per key and could be as high as the actual cost to re-key the entire site. Final payment will be withheld until all keys are returned.


The Contractor’s Authorized Representative shall be defined as the person who is authorized to accept keys on behalf of the Contractor/Vendor’s Company and to bind such company and/or its surety for the actual cost incurred to regain district/campus security.



All keys are the property of Hemet Unified School District and are to be returned upon request.

All individuals to whom keys are issued are prohibited from duplicating or lending such keys to any other person(s). All individuals are responsible for key(s) that are issued from Maintenance and Operations