Vision Statement

Maintenance Operations' Vision

What goals does our organization want to accomplish?


Hemet Unified School District’s vision is to make an impact on our future by creating exemplary educational experiences for students by providing multiple paths of learning and a foundation of excellence.

Areas of Focus

  • Be Williams Compliant
  • Implement Academic Content & Performance Standards
  • Increase Parent Involvement, Pupil Achievement & Pupil Engagement
  • Create a Positive School Climate
  • Provide Access to Courses & Staff Development and Support
  • Track Pupil Outcomes      


Why are these Maintenance goals?


A strong support system is necessary to organizational success. All employees are important to the education of each student. We share these same areas of focus because all students should have a learning environment that is equal in educational materials, school facility maintenance, and high quality professional support.  We as classified educators of students are obligated to build a sustaining culture of highly qualified citizens that are competent and skilled to perform in our global economy.  Each era of our society has been elevated to greatness because of changes that needed to occur in order for one chapter to end and another to be written.  It is essential that we build dynamic citizens that will guide our communities, government, and economy into the next era.


As managers in the Maintenance Department it is our responsibility to ensure that workers receive continuous learning within their respective classifications.  This will support the educational learning environment and keep workers on the cutting edge of Professional Development.            


What skills do us and our stakeholders need to possess in order to attain these goals?


There are so many different forms of communication that did not exist 20 to 30 years ago.  The era of mass communication is here and technology devices are the vehicle connecting every citizen globally.  Stakeholders will need to be skilled in the mastery of digital technology.  The ability to use information and communication technology is the platform for the 21st Century.  


As managers in the Maintenance Department our workers need the ability to apply new strategies and adapt to changes as they occur within the industry.  This means that workers must be E-literate (Internet) in communications styles and devices as they perform routine work.  It is our responsibility to give them the digital tools and trainings towards personal and professional success.          


What are our next steps?


My vision as the Director of Maintenance and Operations is to assure that our schools and facilities; and classroom environment are safe, clean and well maintained.  We will continue to look for tools and devices that will that will help in making the maintenance department more efficient in providing quality services as we continue to strive to improve. We will support the educational goals of the district as it prepare our students for the 21st century in learning and technology.


We will continue to engage in projects that will support Blended Learning, and 21st Century School plans.  The implementation of CIMS Standards and cloud software for training staff online is the next step for the Custodial Department.  This program has a direct correlation to public health, and will keep our facilities user friendly for staff, students, and the community.  Our Maintenance Department will continue to reduce its environmental “Footprint” through facilitating projects that will provide an educational community of excellence.