Healthy Schools Act

Reducing Bee Nuisance

Bees are a common problem during this time of the year, and unless there is a bee hive or nest, there is no way to completely eradicate the bees. Spraying in the air or bushes randomly with any type of pesticide is not going to help the problem and does not meet the requirements of the California Healthy School Act. To help mitigate bees at our sites, please follow the simple guidelines below:

  • Dump your lunch trash more often and/or more frequently throughout the day. Make sure that all outside trash cans around the entire campus are emptied daily.
  • Hose off lunch tables and other eating areas daily.
  • Hose off and rinse out trash cans and containers daily.
  • Start cleaning lunch/eating areas immediately after the students are finished eating.


Please pass this information on to your custodial staff and have them follow these guidelines. This will not eliminate the bees, but it will help control them tremendously.

Pest Control Schedule